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Develop a WeChat Mini Program

Some time ago, the WeChat mini-program jumped all over the circle of friends, and the WeChat mini-program was easier to enter. Just pull down on WeChat, and we can see how much WeChat attaches to the mini-program.
The emergence of WeChat mini-programs also allows us to see the possibility of new development. So how about developing a WeChat mini-program? Does the character not meet the development requirements of today's mobile Internet? Wanwei Network will take a look with everyone.
WeChat Mini Program Development

First, the PC era compared to the mobile Internet era
Inside the PC Internet era. It can be said that the network traffic in our entire Internet is surrounded by a search box. Although this search box is very small, it is very useful. Therefore, Baidu can only build a simple page, and then place a search box on the page. Well, you can have so much value and become a very powerful giant in the Internet world of our country, and Taobao has also become the world's largest e-commerce Internet platform with a small search box.
One of the biggest differences between the current mobile Internet era and the PC era is that the mobile internet era is faster than the PC era. To give a simple example, if you want to use the network to find one of these things in the PC internet era Must meet a lot of conditions. For example, you must find a computer before you can start, but this is not the same in the current era of mobile Internet. We all carry mobile phones with us, and now voice input methods are also popular. Once people face some sudden needs, they can use the mobile phone in their hands to understand relevant information very quickly.

Second, the beginning of the WeChat applet said that the core of the mobile Internet world is "quick", not only when you grab users, but also when you get the results you want to know, or even if you have Too many users will eventually lose users due to too much delay in the middle process. The appearance of the WeChat Mini Program has once again made people feel what "fast" looks like.

Third, whether the WeChat Mini Program is good. Users can use the search or search in the WeChat Mini Program to quickly get relevant services, and merchants can also use the WeChat Mini Program to expand the marketing channels on the line to quickly obtain Users and pinpoint users.
1. If you compare the WeChat applet with the mobile APP, you will be able to feel what is faster. Whenever you have any needs, just open WeChat, even if you do n’t use it, it will not affect it. By itself, it will not take up the memory of the phone and save a lot of space. But mobile apps are not the same. Sometimes in order to use a certain function and query a certain thing, people need to first download a mobile app deliberately. After the end of use, they still have to think about whether to uninstall it.
2. We must be “quick” when preempting WeChat mini-programs. We must know that there are now more than 800 million active users on WeChat, and mini-programs are built in WeChat. Of course, some merchants will say that even if there are more users on WeChat, what is the use, there is no special centralized entrance in WeChat, there is no recommendation on it, even if there are more users, it has nothing to do with themselves. In fact, this kind of thinking is incorrect, because you will not use it. Once you really make a WeChat applet that can bring value to your users, the amount of social networking is also very scary.

In the mobile Internet, with the WeChat mini-program, we can surely let everyone get the services they deserve at the fastest speed. This is in line with the requirements of the times and society, and more in line with the needs of each of our users need. Comparing these things is for the majority of users. If the users do not have a good experience, how can it be a fire? How can it continue to develop for a long time, in fact, as long as you understand this, you will know how good it is to develop a WeChat applet.
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