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How many steps does Tangshan website production take? 8 steps to get a company website

At this stage, because there are many special tools that can be seen as real, and the application is becoming more and more convenient, making web pages has long become a piece of cake. It is not like hand-made source code. Usually novices can learn to make web pages well after a short learning training. Therefore, they feel that the web design is relatively simple, and they hurriedly make their own platform website. However, after comparing with others, the platform website is not smooth. What's going on? As the saying goes: "I can't eat tofu in anxiety". Creating a corporate website is the same as building a building. This is an automated control and has its own special work content. You can only follow this process step by step, and you can design a satisfactory platform. website.

First, clear platform website theme style

The platform website theme style is the theme idea that the platform website you need to include. A corporate website must have an established theme style. Very targeted at personal web pages, you are unlikely to be as comprehensive as comprehensive websites, with everything. You do not have this ability or vitality, so you must choose the content you are most interested in, do deep, thorough, and develop your own characteristics, so that you can leave an unforgettable impression on customers. There is no rule for the theme style of the platform website. If you are interested, everything can be, but the theme style must be unique. The content within your theme style scope is guaranteed to be comprehensive, refined and deep.

Collecting raw materials

After establishing the theme style of the platform website, you have to start collecting raw materials around the theme style. As the saying goes: "As the saying goes, a clever woman can hardly cook without rice." If you want to make your platform website multi-faceted and can attract customers, you also have to collect raw materials as much as possible. The larger the raw materials collected, the easier it is to create more web pages later. The raw materials can be obtained from books, newspapers, CDs, multimedia systems, and also collected from Internet technology. Then the essence of the collected raw materials is used to remove the dross, and they are used as the material pictures of the web pages.

Third, the overall planning platform website

Whether or not a website has been made successfully. Tangshan website construction considers that the decision of the designer is based on the overall planning level of the designer. The overall planning platform website is the same as the interior designer's design plan building. House of. Website construction includes a lot of content, such as the platform website structure, channel settings, platform website design style, color matching, reasonable layout of sections, application of text graphics, etc. You can only use this level before making a web page. Considering the arrival, he can be skillful and confident in making. It can only be done in such a way that the web pages can be personalized, characteristic and tempting. How to overall plan each major content of the platform website, people will explain in detail below. Fourth, choose the appropriate special tools

Although choosing which special tools is not easy to harm your Dongguan web design, but a full-featured, easy-to-use mobile phone software can usually have the effect of half the effort with half the effort. There are many special tools related to web design. The first one is the web page creation tool. At this stage, most netizens use special tools to compile what they see. The role models in this study may be Dreamweaver and Frontpage. Novice, Frontpage2000 is preferred. In addition, there are picture editing tools, such as Photoshop, Photoimpact, etc .; special tools for making animation

, Such as Flash, Cool 3d, Gif Animator, etc .; there are special tools for web page special effects, such as painting sound and color, etc. There are many mobile phone software in this line on the Internet.

Five, do web pages

The raw materials are owned and the special tools are selected. The following steps must be implemented in accordance with the overall plan to turn your ideas into reality. It is a complicated and delicate whole process, which must be followed by big, small, and easy. Complexity to carry out production. To put it bluntly, first big and then small, that is, when making web pages, first the large overall design is good, and then continue to improve the small overall design. To put it bluntly, it is simple and complicated first, that is to say, the simple content is designed first, and then the complicated content is designed, so that it is easy to change when there are difficult problems. When you are making web pages, you must be more proficient in mastering templates, which can further improve the production efficiency.

Six, send detection

After the web page design is finished, it will be published on the web network server before it can be watched by friends all over the world. There are many special tools for sending today. Some web page creation tools have FTP functions. Using this FTP special tool, you can Conveniently update the website to the home storage web server that you applied for. After the platform website is sent, you can open your own platform website in a computer browser, and carry out the detection one by one, one by one, to find the problem, change it immediately, and then send the detection. After all the tests are over, you can tell your friends your website address and let them preview it.

Marketing planning

After the web page is completed, we must continue to carry out publicity planning, so that a lot of pot friends can understand it, and improve the visit rate and fame of the platform website. There are many promotion methods, such as applying for registration on the engine search, exchanging friend chains with other platform websites, adding advertising chains, and so on.

Eight, maintenance and upgrade

Platform websites should pay attention to the maintenance and upgrade of content, and maintain the freshness of the content. There is no need to put it there as soon as it is not changed. Only by constantly filling it with new content can it attract visitors.

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