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What station do you want to be? Please be seated!

1. Furnishing station.

If you just want to have a website there, or a URL on your business card, or just let others feel that your company is more formal, there is a website. Then your website is a display station. The operating cost is equal to 0. Remember to pay the DNS server maintenance fee every year.

2. Promotion station.

If you build a website for later promotion on Baidu, 360, then the operating expenses will be higher. The first is promotion costs. There are two ways of Baidu bidding and website optimization. Baidu bidding is based on clicks for deductions. Several tens of tens of blocks at a time. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year can be consumed with a budget. Optimization is the natural ranking of keywords. Depending on the popularity of keywords, the cost ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. Of course, this piece is now mixed with fish and dragons, and there are many pits. In addition to this, it is best to have a customer service, update the product, case, answer the phone, answer some customer inquiries. Of course, many of the bosses we meet are the boss's mobile phone number. In fact, the same can be done, because we can help you maintain the website, you are only responsible for receiving orders.

3. Platform station.

The promotion cost is similar to the above, the others are more technical maintenance of the platform, server maintenance, and corresponding customer service. Operating costs are higher. In the past few years, I have encountered many friends who have asked us to make a platform. After the completion of the platform, the platform will not be able to sustain it. The main reason is that before the platform was built, there was no budget for the cost of operation and promotion. More scary than everyone thought. It ’s just that if you do n’t have money, you can promote less. If you have money, you can promote more, but you must have a budget. Today is not your platform model, others have to use your platform, but why you use your platform, but also how others know your platform. I often see some entrepreneurial friends who want to get an APP when they come up, not to mention the development cost of the APP. If you do n’t have a user, who will download your APP, or if your APP is ready, how much promotion costs are you going to spend? Push you this APP. Must have a user base, otherwise everything equals 0.
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