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What is the use of Tangshan enterprise website construction

Tangshan is a city that is hovering between the third and fourth tiers. The heavy industry is developed and the high-tech industry is very weak. So many companies do n’t know what is the use of a website for a company? Sometimes websites and web pages are unclear. So today I mainly talk about the role of website construction.

First brand effect

Let ’s start with the brand effect. No matter what industry you are in, your customers will definitely know your company ’s name and basic information for the first contact with you. When you tell people that you hand in XX Co., Ltd., they will search Baidu. Is n’t it awkward not to find your company? At the same time, customers will think you are a liar company. Why? If you think about your company, there are no customers on Baidu, but you are right. It is also difficult to understand your company. Of course, if your company never launches new customers, it is only introduced through friends. Don't say that you have any brochures, DM lists and the like. It will be a wonderful flower if you stay in the paper media era in 2018.

Second marketing effect

In addition, new customers are developing this area. Now there are more than one billion Internet users across the country. For example, your corporate website has 20 people actively accessing it every day. Then one year counts 20 * 365 = 7300 visits. If the conversion rate is 1% If you calculate it, you can make about 70 customers in a year. Please calculate the profit in the middle according to your own industry, and then let's talk about the output ratio. You only need to pay a minimum of about 70 monthly profits. A cost of more than 100 yuan can be achieved. A mobile phone fee of more than 100 yuan per month is worthless if you can bring so many customers? Think for yourself.
Of course, there are many other benefits of building a website. I will talk about these two important points here. If you have any questions, please call me at any time.
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