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Benefits of Tangshan Blockchain System Development

What is decentralization?

To put it plainly, decentralization means that the "right to use" is still owned by the enterprise. For example, Tencent's Q coins are sold by Tencent. This is a decentralized electronic currency that includes total output. The method of sale is all by Tencent Corporate management and manipulation. You can apply it, buy and sell things, but you must actually operate on Tengxun's structure from the beginning to the end, and Tengxun's right of interpretation is ultimately the whole.

The method of selling BTC is all set in advance by the program flow and encryption technology, and it operates at several connection points around the world. No one can change it. (Everyone has their own account book, it is unlikely to be their own.) It is possible to manipulate anyone ’s account books. If this is technically tedious, it ’s so complicated. It ’s the world ’s richest man who can transfer money to his own account. It is the only richest person in the world! Or organization to manipulate.

Example: For example, Lao Li asked Lao Zhao to borrow 100 yuan, but Lao Zhao was afraid that he would owe his account, so he asked the village party secretary to do justice, and recorded a large account. This is called decentralization. But if I do n’t find the village party secretary, which audio speaker I use immediately shouted in the village: "My old Zhao lends 100 yuan to Li! Please keep it in the account book", everyone will keep this account in their own On the books, this is called blockchain technology.

According to the information released by the big speaker, all the transfers between the people said that after receiving the information, everyone recorded a large transaction in their own books. Having a distributed system account book, even if the account books of Lao Li or Lao's family are lost, there are other household accounts such as Lao Zhao, Ma, and Li.

The key advantages of blockchain technology are that it does not require intermediary companies to participate in it, the entire line is open, and the security of low-cost network information is improved.

Blockchain technology is currently at a stage where everyone talks about blockchain technology, but can't recognize its specific technical style. From 2017, they have slowly entered the vision of everyone, and everyone is slow. Slowly understand that things like BTC are stronger than speculation (mining machine prices have skyrocketed! News reports are overwhelming!) But it is still unclear.

Therefore, what industries can blockchain technology be used to make changes in our future lives?

The key is important: each person's account, each person often has 1 account book, the information content of all the person's account book records are all the same and the same, and the information content is completely and completely transparent, if it is fake, it will be regarded as the public enemy The cost of fraudulently increased statistical data.

Key 2: The blockchain technology does not need a key management information system to avoid statistical changes by some people, and endangers the rights and interests of many people.

Application level:

1. Account security factor and personal privacy protection: loan migration, currency exchange, and three-party payment platform. Blockchain technology can help avoid statistical data control and scams, avoid distributed system denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), and reasonably maintain customers' Internet privacy protection. Keywords: anti-counterfeiting marks, fake and shoddy, payment and borrowing.

2. Cases of copyright control and disputes over rights: For example, when a song is downloaded for free, from the writer to the creator to the singer, it can be paid instantly according to the blockchain technology, without waiting for a long time like traditional methods. It is difficult to get paid for time or even because of copyright disputes. As opposed to waiting for a book bank to present a royalty bank draft, the creators can freely manipulate the steps from publishing to payment of their works based on blockchain technology. Key words: instant receipt, no dispute over property rights.

3.Internet of Things technology + artificial intelligence technology: The intelligent products in the Internet of Things technology built according to the blockchain technology will be applied to detect the real-time conditions of public infrastructure such as highways, bridges, roads, and power networks. Blockchain technology can This intelligent product is linked together to implement a consistent management approach to assist them in detecting more efficiently. This will help you quickly understand how to build a smart city in the future. Keywords: Consistent Monitor, Smart City.

4: Existence verification: If you meet the rules to prove that you are also you, that your mother is your mother, that you are not married, and that your house is yours, things seem very simple. If you fall into it, In your hands, it means huge confusion. The application of blockchain applications can handle the embarrassment to the extreme. At that time, any information content belonging to you is verified to be accurate and cannot be forged records, and everyone has no right to modify it. When your technical development trend is necessary, medical certificates of birth and marriage confirmation will often be recorded on the blockchain technology. Keywords: No keywords

In addition to these application areas mentioned above, blockchain applications can also be used in e-commerce, data storage, freight logistics and other industries. If you grasp the characteristics of blockchain applications, it will become increasingly easy to understand.
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