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One of the preferred languages for web development PHP

For a long time, the php language has not obtained the corresponding status. It is known that with the popularity of php this year, it has been recognized by the majority of developers. The following Tangshan software development experts will give you a brief introduction to php: In the eyes of most web developers, asp Both jsp and jsp are considered front runners, while php is considered a weak “struggle”, or it is a language that has been degraded to amateurs and is not worth participating in the competition of corporate web development. In my opinion, the reason PHP isn't considered a competitor is that reviewers lack understanding of it and they don't know about other operating systems for web development. Contrary to some views, Windows no longer holds the largest share of the web hosting service market. I guess it is also being destroyed in the field of web development.
Why is there no PHP in enterprise development?
Obviously, PHP is considered to be so far behind ASP and JSP that it is useless, but this is not true. PHP itself is a powerful language. It is available on virtually every distribution of linux, and also on Mac OS X. Building-block tools and software for developing and using PHP code are free. Commercial integrated development environments (IDES) for developing PHP applications can also be found-such tools are Komodo (which runs on Linux and Windows) and Zend Studio (this application can run on any There is a Java runtime environment on the operating system). The fact that you can run a website built by PHP on almost every web hosting, regardless of which operating system the server is running on, makes PHP even more attractive.
Anyone using C or Perl or another language with a similar style and syntax can quickly get started with PHP. Although it is designed for the Web, it can also be used as a command line language. Do the web applications you are writing need to execute certain code every hour or every day? Using cron or a similar scheduling manager, you can schedule PHP code to be executed when you wish, using ordinary command interpretation scripts or batch files to execute such code. You don't need to call the browser automatically to be able to view a special webpage to execute your events, and there is no need to rely on visitors' clicks to tell your system: specific code needs to be executed at specific times. The fact that PHP is scalable in this area is absolutely attractive.
Benefits of PHP
I'm not a veteran of JSP or ASP, and I don't want to downplay these languages here. Instead, I will focus on the benefits of PHP.
PHP allows you to provide localized services to website visitors. When a user clicks into the website, the website automatically serves the page to them in their native language based on their browser settings. To achieve this, you don't need to use cumbersome files for language translation, but use the same capabilities as localized C programs, through a system called gettext. If the requested language file exists, the text that the user sees is its native language; if the language file does not exist, the text is the default English or any other language you specify. Many localized UNIX applications use gettext as a standard, which makes third-party translation a breeze.
Easily use the command line
PHP supports setting up and executing command line programs where needed. Using standard UNIX diff tools, it is able to generate the difference between the last modification of the error and the current comment to be emailed to the owner of the error. The PHP code diffs the two files written on the system, takes its output as input, and generates an email to send. This email was sent via PHP itself.
I find it extremely shortsighted for those looking for top web development languages and excluding PHP. I've written code in PHP for many years. Whether it's an advanced feature like an error tracking system or a simple reuse of common features like headers and footers, I've written in PHP. I have written semi-static pages in PHP, and I have also written full-featured multimedia presentations. I'm not the only one using PHP. If PHP is not worthy of attention, if it is only a language for pediatrics or hobbyists, why is it the fastest growing language for web development? If it is not as powerful as ASP or JSP, then why is it used in Web sites with a lot of traffic? Yahoo, for example, is said to be built by PHP.
Developers are used to using familiar products
I'm sure that ASP and JSP have their own strengths, but I believe that people use them not because they can provide more powerful functions than PHP, but because people already know them and want to write code in their own way . Excluding PHP can only signify ignorance of the language. If you want to learn more about php or want to do Tangshan software development, it is right to come to Wanwei Network. Welcome everyone to visit us.
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