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Why does Tangshan Software Development use PHP? What are the benefits?

1.Good security

PHP is open source software, all PHP source code can be seen by everyone, the code has been tested in the hands of many engineers, and the way it is compiled with Apache also allows it to have flexible security settings, PHP has Proven safety performance. Open source creates powerful, stable, and mature systems.

Cross-platform features

PHP supports almost all operating system platforms and database systems and is widely popular.

3.Fast execution speed and high efficiency

PHP is a powerful CGI scripting language. The syntax is a mix of C, Java, Perl, and PHP-style new syntaxes. The execution of web pages is faster than CGI, Perl, and ASP. The built-in Zend acceleration engine has stable and fast performance and occupies the system. Fewer resources and faster code execution. PHP consumes relatively little system resources. Source code: All PHP source code is actually available.

4.Good portability and scalability

PHP is very open and extensible. PHP can run on any server (whether it is Windows or Linux). It is free software. Its source code is completely open. It is very easy for any programmer to add additional functions to PHP. You can download the latest version of PHP on many websites. At present, PHP is mainly based on Web servers, and there are many servers that support PHP scripts, the most representative of which are Apache and IIS.

5. Reduce website development costs

PHP is not tied to the platform, and PHP-based Web servers can be set up in many different operating systems such as UNIX and Linux. Using Linux + Apache + PHP + MySQL as an open source framework can save a lot of money for website operators.

6. Support Object Oriented

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is the current software development trend, and PHP provides good support for OOP. You can use the idea of OOP for advanced PHP programming, which is very meaningful for improving PHP programming ability and planning a web development framework.

7. Powerful

PHP has extremely powerful functions in the development of Web projects, and the implementation is relatively simple, mainly reflected in the following points:
Can manipulate a variety of mainstream and non-mainstream databases, such as: MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc. Among them, PHP and MySQL are now an excellent combination that can run across platforms.
Information exchange with lightweight directory access protocols.
Can communicate with multiple protocols, including IMAP, POP3, SMTP, SOAP and DNS.
Parse complex strings with regular expression libraries based on POSIX and Perl.
Can achieve effective management of XML documents and create and call Web services and other operations.

8. Optional

PHP can adopt two process-oriented and object-oriented development modes, and is backward compatible. Developers can choose the mode that the developed website should adopt from multiple perspectives, such as the size of the developed website and future maintenance.
The most used PHP for web development is the MySQL database. PHP 5.0 and above not only provide early MySQL database manipulation functions, but also provide MySQLi extension technology to manipulate MySQL database, so developers can consider ways to manipulate MySQL database from the aspects of stability and execution efficiency.

9. Fast version update

Compared to ASP, which is updated only a few years, PHP is updated much faster because PHP is updated almost every year.

10. Templated

Separation of program logic and user interface.

11. Wide application range

At present, the development of many websites on the Internet is done through the PHP language. For example, Sohu, Netease, and Baidu have used the PHP language in the creation and development of these well-known websites.
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