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What are the core advantages of web apps developed in HTML5

With the birth and development of the html5 development language, because of its powerful functions and compatibility, it has now become one of the mainstream languages for program development. The most popular applications of HTML5 are mobile web development, mobile game application development, and website development. HTML5 development language is simple and has good compatibility. Now more and more developers like to use this development language. Therefore, HTML5 development will become one of the mainstream of web app development in the future. The core advantages of web apps developed based on HTML5 are two points:

What are the core advantages of web apps developed in HTML5?

First, the evolution of the APP development model (encapsulation of complexity)

From the perspective of APP custom development mode, the emergence of Web App is like history repeating itself. It used to be from assembly to C. Because C is relatively advanced, what developers really need to do is a lot simpler. Now we go from Java to HTML, and also encapsulate some complex things. The advantages of HTML5 technology allow developers to not need to write borders and draw lines when making APP applications. They only need to use a template to play the interface display function.

Web App has excellent interconnectivity

HTML5 has very strong compatibility, so another great advantage of Web App is that it has very good interconnectivity. In the past two or three years, web games have been very popular in the game industry. It relies on the interconnectivity of web applications. A lot of traffic can be easily imported into such a webpage, and it can also direct traffic to other APP applications within the page. Such excellent connectivity can greatly help product promotion and marketing. Therefore, web games have grown very rapidly in the past two or three years.

Many developers now feel that the effects or functions that had to be done using client-side technology can now be basically achieved through simple HTML5 development technology. With these simple development languages and technologies, they can be done on mobile phones. To cool effects. HTML5 technology allows developers to develop more high-quality Web App software.

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