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Tangshan Baidu Promotion Company Phone 18831503210 Talk about the benefits of Baidu promotion to enterprises

Baidu search promotion is a search engine that relies on search engines to promote and plan business processes. Tangshan Baidu promotes promotion methods that exceed the effectiveness of customer drainage methods. Nowadays, people are in the age of the internet where information content has exploded. The mobile communication technology Internet of Things is very mature for Baidu ’s artificial intelligence application (Baidu ’s ALL in AI development strategy). Requested it. Therefore, develops and designs information content to request people's technicality, and uses Baidu big data to keep the company and the customers requiring information content to be instantly matched, which is convenient for's customer information symmetry. The green ecological composition of's promotion and marketing: traditional Baidu promotion + information feed advertising promotion + multi-screen marketing promotion that integrates offline promotion resources ( ’s $ 1.2 billion investment in trendy media. About 100 large cities have about 70-4 thousand elevator car advertising signs). With such a reasonable layout, Baidu is no longer a search company. It is just an online advertising marketing planning company integrating online and offline.

Why is the company doing Baidu search promotion?

First, increase sales;

Marketing promotion can generate willingness to consult customers, and according to communication requirements, consider the requirements to convert the company's order information to customers, and increase the GDP of the company's product sales and service items.

Second, enhance the company's reputation;

The way of Baidu search promotion is integrated with online and offline three-dimensional and three-dimensional integration. Many presentation opportunities can allow the company to get a lot of customers to understand the cognitive ability, generate a lot of potential customers for the company, and improve the customer base of customers.

Third, increase the scope of marketing activities;

The scope of marketing activities is traditionally very limited. It is limited to word of mouth. But Baidu search promotion can guarantee instant free online and national instantaneous. This huge expansion of marketing scope is qualitative. The increase of the exponential value of the sum is a method to overcome indoor space and limit the area.

Fourth, increase the presentation of outfield information content;

Customers are divided into well-known brand loyal customers, manufacturing industry customers, and potential group customers, and the salary base of potential group customers is very large. Time is changing, groups are changing, how to grasp new potential groups and gain a large number of For the loyalty group, exposure is essential, so marketing promotion is necessary.

Fifth, make the company more reliable, so that many potential consumers in the field

Baidu search promotion is paid according to results. Presentation is not a deduction of costs. Baidu ’s Chase manufacturing industry has less than 3% of clicks. It also means that there are 100 presentations and about 3 clicks. This is called CTR. The CTR method allows the company to obtain a large number of presentations without any harm, which harms potential users in the field. At the time of the company's marketing and promotion planning and Baidu search promotion, it was all negative and proactive, which was beneficial to shaping the corporate brand image.

What benefits can Baidu search promotion bring to the company?

Before saying that Baidu search promotion can benefit a company, people need to understand the classification of the company.

Companies can be divided into the following categories based on turnover:

Because companies of different sizes have different requirements in their daily production. Baidu search promotion can show different marketing promotion service items according to different company scales and different links. This is the key part of which is different from other news media.

Tailor-made and tailor-made, because of wisdom, this is's information flow advertising (Feed) in the future can give companies of different sizes in the marketing promotion of brilliant wings. The feed is a native advertisement that is cross-presented in the information flow advertisement according to the information flow advertisement of The content of the advertising words has been transformed from rigid advertising to original ecological news and advertising words. Seamlessly combining the advertising words, that is, the advertising words, the advertising words, that is, the content is precise, multi-screen interactive cover, high conversion rate, and less customer interference. In Baidu bidding promotion, information flow advertising, and constitute several of the most widely used advertising marketing methods.

The advantages of Baidu information flow:

Stream: information flow advertising green ecological management system, connecting people and content end-group-content advantages

1. Cross-platform concealment: retrieve and read articles on social media, and accurately push 95% of netizens in multiple scenarios

2. High-quality groups: major cities in the top, high-income groups cover all aspects

3. Content green ecology: collaboration + self-media platform + original, a large number of high-quality content pools

Intelligence: Baidu brain intelligent statistical data items, accurately find the overall target customer group statistical data advantages, a variety of advantages, fixed item ability to work

1.Benefits of statistical data: Baidu Brain analyzes statistical data of major websites in depth to accurately identify TA

2. Intentional deciding items: Retrieval + hobbies dual engine, accurately capture the intention of TA

3. LBS project: from project to conversion, integrated commodity work ability

4. Custom group definition: customer custom group + similar group expansion

Ability: Independent innovation customization, creative platform, open APl, a one-stop service creative platform for marketing and promotion of disruptive innovation, a large number of art creative functions, mobile client + open API service platform, customized independent innovation capabilities

1. One-stop service creative platform: information flow advertising, landing page artistic creativity easily made

2. The role of mass creative art composition: composition method + selection countermeasures, high efficiency Test

3. Customized styles: from [Gathering Eyes] to AR, technically driving customer experience

4. Information flow advertising marketing promotion mobile client + statistical analysis: front-end development promotion and back-end development to promote disruptive innovation

5. Special tools for clothes + Open API service platform: customized management methods and photos are easily made

Searching Baidu's precise positioning in the future is a service project in China and even the world's advertising media companies.

Committed to considering the company's different marketing requirements in different development trends.

In general, is the preferred marketing tool for marketing promotion. Baidu search promotion is an essential promotion tool for the company.

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