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What should Tangshan enterprises do to promote Baidu

What should enterprises do in Tangshan Baidu promotion

Internet technology is the only 24/7 online media that Internet media cannot understand. As an enterprise, after creating its own platform website, the most significant effect is to show its design style to the world, let a large number of people understand their business processes, so that the enterprise can have the necessary mass concepts. But to maintain this overall goal, the first thing to look for is to make your platform website appear on Internet technology. Perhaps there are many ways, such as personal business card push, trade fair, WeChat push, online advertising, email group, etc., but this cost is not exclusive, but it must also be technically elite team to actually operate. For many companies without internet marketing units, it is a stranded one. What people are talking about today is based on everyone. There is no doubt that the Internet information search secure channel is an engine search used to market and promote its own corporate website.

Why do people explore this problem in the same way as engine search? This is because engine search and retrieval has shown thousands of platform websites on Internet technology, which is already well prepared for most enterprises. No additional costs. Project investment. If people master the ranking criteria of engine search and carry out a modest improvement of their platform websites, they will be able to surpass your platform websites ’ranking in search engines. If many people search and retrieve When companies present content related to service items, people's platform websites also have the opportunity to show it to searchers, which is easy to maintain business processes easily.

If your company has already established a platform website that is well matched with the optimized ranking criteria, or your platform website is designed by Easypoint Technologies, congratulations, your platform website already has keyword rankings for search. The development potential of the homepage of the module, what people have to do next is to push it later, so that the platform website can display information in the engine search. Nowadays, you really want to know what is the actual operation to promote this. Don't worry, this means that what people want to talk about today, that is, people summarize the 3 pivots of website promotion and optimization.

1. Platform Website TDK Settings

The TDK of the platform website is short for Title, deion, keywords, and Title is the title of the web page.

The basic rule for setting the title is that the length cannot exceed 30 Chinese characters. You don't have to apply the strange Martian symbol. You don't have to deposit keywords (otherwise you will be punished by breeze optimization algorithm). For more details, please refer to people's official website (pictured). In other words, people are looking forward to optimizing the keywords that people are willing to market to 1 small sentence to write, but do n’t remember to deposit words that are not related to the content of the platform website, otherwise the text is not the overall goal of . The second is the narrative of the narrative web page. The basic rule is to try not to exceed 120 Chinese characters. The content rule can summarize the text content of the article. Do you still remember that you don't need to deposit keywords and try not to contact the marketing promotion content? .

In the end, the keyword, this logo is actually mostly ineffective, in other words, it can be thoroughly distressed, but when you are a little forced thinking, if you want to make up for it, please remember that the content here is to get In the title and narrative webpage, the keywords in the narrative should be separated by commas in English computer input method. The keywords are not repeated.

Let ’s take a look at some friends here. Where is the TDK setting of this platform website? Maybe, the background image of the platform website. If it is a little reliable now, the background management CMS intelligent management system will have this. Report page main parameters.

2.Maintain website publishing

Although a well-structured platform website is not easy to upgrade content, it can maintain a stable ranking. In the end, maintaining the latest news is very good. Because maintaining high-quality content upgrades can not only promote the reliability of the initial ranking, but also improve the new rankings. The keyword ranking opportunity is the key main parameter to ensure the platform website to score smoothly in the engine search database index comparison database. Therefore, if you expect your platform website to create wealth for you, you must work hard and diligently. Some common questions posted on related websites:

First, information is best original work. If some professional technical manuscripts were first presented on the Internet, you should read them carefully when copying them again, correct some of the errors in the article, and write the content based on your own knowledge. It is best to add some evaluation based on your work experience;

Secondly, it is best to let technical professional art masters design solutions and process photos when the finished product content is upgraded.

Finally, we must carefully and carefully sort out the content, set the content file format of the manuscript, so that the presentation of the manuscript is beneficial to reading the article. Because of the number of articles and the bounce rate of the platform website (people will write another article on technical manuscripts to reduce the bounce rate), it is a key indicator of the excellent ranking of the platform website.

At the content upgrade level, it will undoubtedly involve the theme style of the total number and frequency of upgrades. Those who have mastered SEO will already read many articles on Internet technology, pay attention to how much content to upgrade daily and maintain certain upgrade frequencies. However, from the perspective of more than ten years of work experience, the official website of the company is actually There are no strict rules. The total number of upgrades and the frequency of upgrades. This is not a deliberate feature of the corporate website. Compared with the total number and frequency, the quality of the content is a more critical index value. It is the most critical to not release irrelevant content and collect plagiarism.

3. Make content anchor links

The essence of Internet technology is connections. For engine search, each connection is called a platform website that draws votes to another platform website. Therefore, the effect of linking on search engine rankings is naturally obvious, and the link is divided into the outside and the inside. The outside cannot be considered, but the inside is completely controlled by people themselves, so there is no reason to not use it flexibly. Today, let's talk about creating this internal chain, or take the back-end development CMS of people's Xinmeng technical enterprise development and design as an example. (You don't have to blame yourself for inserting advertising words, this is really because you can't find the background map of the development trend in other people's homes. Yes). When you copy and paste the pre-written manuscript into the back-end development online editor, pick keywords that people are willing to get ranked (as shown by the arrow symbol 1 above), and then click the link icon at the top of the online editor. (As shown by the arrow symbol 2 above), a prompt box will open, the following icon:

Fill in the URL of the prompt box with the URL you want to connect to. Perhaps any common standard plus this anchor link connection is the same:

First, the keywords for the connection should be diversified. It does not have to be all the same words. For example, if people are willing to rank "Tangshan SEO Ranking Enterprise", then people can give "Tangshan SEO" and "SEO Ranking" to "SEO Ranking Enterprise". English words such as "Tangshan SEO Ranking", "Tangshan SEO Ranking Enterprise", "Tangshan SEO Ranking Enterprise" and other text are anchored with text, not just "Tangshan SEO Ranking Enterprise";

Second, the overall landing page of the connection should be decentralized. You don't have to lean towards one web page. Very much, some people who do n’t know SEO ranking optimization expertise think that the home page weight value is the largest and the easiest to get rankings, so you are unlikely to be able to connect all connections. All of them are biased towards the homepage. It is more risky and not necessary. In fact, real SEO experts have already done content ranking.

Finally, the total number of connections is manipulated. Don't overdo it. The manuscript link links are manipulated in three directions. Some people will want to speak out. Do you just say that the connection is a platform website that is canvassing on another platform website? Now that it is canvassing, the more nature is, the better, how do you say you want to manipulate the total? The question is appropriate, but in the global Internet technology, it is slightly different because of the ranking of engine search. After all, the standard is only one set of optimization algorithms. If it is not a binding regime, the optimization algorithm will be applied. In fact, when the initial engine search optimization algorithm did not have a binding connection standard, a group of SEOers used the system loopholes of the optimization algorithm to create connection processing plants. Controlling rankings is easy, but today this system vulnerability has been blocked by engine search. In, it is called the green optimization algorithm, which means that when you must bias many anchor links of web pages, you will be harmed by the green optimization algorithm of, so you must keep in mind that Hold on to a bachelor's degree.

In the end, people came to talk about a very best way to exchange friendship links. Links that can be interchanged with well-known platform websites in the same manufacturing industry are very helpful for improving website ranking, but they must be portals of the same industry, and most of the good links are biased to platform websites that are not subject to high quality penalties, but this In fact, more technical SEO expertise is involved, so it is not easy to explore this article in detail today.

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