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Explain the voting mechanism in search engines

Because search engines have become the first step to find information on the Internet today, how to provide search users with the most relevant answers and information is the most important thing for search engines to consider. So how do search engines determine whether a page is what the user needs? How do you determine if a page should be ranked higher? The search engine mainly refers to the keyword distribution of each page and what the page is These two factors got votes. Today we will talk in detail about the voting mechanism in search engines, and how to better use the voting principle of search engines in website seo to obtain a better ranking for the website.

The search engine's voting principle is the same as voting in human social behavior. It uses the masses (pages of other websites) to count votes (links obtained from pages) to determine whether the page is a good candidate (search results page ). If the more votes a page gets, the easier it is to get a good ranking, why is it easier? Because each vote needs to calculate the weight once, if it is a page vote with a certain relevance to the page, then the weight is passed The higher the weight of the page from which the link originated is also calculated. Then it can be determined that when the page with a high weight has a link to your page and the relevance is extremely high, this link will play a large voting role, usually such a link will be identified by the search engine as a Anti-chain, the more the anti-chain, the weight, index and ranking of the website will increase significantly.

The following details the principle of the voting mechanism in search engines and what we need to pay attention to.

Intra-chain voting mechanism

The internal link is a mutual vote between the web pages on the site. The home page should get the most votes, so that the home page can maintain a high weight value. Similarly, the internal link not only needs to give the home page a high weight, but also needs to make reasonable use of the internal link to build a network structure, so that the spider can stay longer in your website. In the initial stage of the website, the links of content pages often point to the homepage so that search engines can identify the pages you want to optimize. In the later stage of maintenance of the website, the links to the homepage are reduced. To learn more, you can check out "The Importance of Inner Chains and How to Optimize them".

2. Out-of-chain voting mechanism

External link voting comes from Internet voting. If a page gets a lot of page link votes, it is easy to get a good ranking, but you need to pay attention to the quality of external links. If the quality is all low links, it is very It may be counterproductive. The external chain voting mechanism is one of the easiest aspects to operate except for the content of the website. It can make the pages of the website gain high weight and high ranking in a short time.

3. Link anchor text settings

The link anchor text is used by search engines to determine whether the link is a high-quality link. If the anchor text is about website optimization and the keyword or title of the page pointed to by the link is about weight loss, then this link is voted for Is a spam link, suspected of cheating. So many times we need to find some spam links made by some competitors and submit them to search engines to prevent websites from being punished. Anchor text is a key point in the voting mechanism of internal and external chains, but it is easy to be ignored.

4. Link considerations

The anchor text of the internal and external links pointing to the homepage can be a text keyword or a website URL, which can make it easier for users to remember the website address and increase the brand effect. When voting on the internal and external links of the content page, try to use a keyword that points to the page. Also don't use long anchor text. Although you can get more related word votes, it will be considered as keyword cheating. When distributing external links, try to distribute the external links to multiple platforms, but you also need to pay attention to the relevance of the platform to the website and so on.

In summary: search engines can judge whether a page is related to the problem of a user's search through a link vote obtained from the website page. By understanding the voting principle, we can make the website better with a more standardized seo operation Ranking.

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