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Advantages of old domain names for ranking

Does the old domain name really have an advantage over the new one? I believe that many webmasters are very confused about this, but Xiaobian thinks that the old domain name is better than the new domain name in terms of indexing or ranking. Do not ask me why, because before Xiaobian Tested a site. But at least one old domain name will definitely have data in Baidu index database, but your new domain name is definitely not there. Does the old domain name really have an advantage over the new one? The advantages of the old domain name seen on various webmasters' websites are so prominent. Is it really such a big advantage? How much water is there? I believe many webmasters are very clear!

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First, the old domain name compared to the new domain name. In terms of PR, due to the stagnation of Google's PR update, the old domain name inherently has the advantage of high PR, and no matter how hard the new domain name, the PR value is 0.
Second, because the old domain name has a past record, in the eyes of search engines, it looks like a website that has already been familiar with a certain trust score. The new domain name is a new one that requires search engines to crawl and become familiar with. So the old domain name has more advantages.
Third, of course, you need to pay attention. There is absolutely nothing, and the old domain name is not necessarily superior to the new domain name. (The editor here expresses my personal opinion: I personally think that the old domain name must have advantages over the new domain name, but at least it can prove this in the ranking. Of course, the domain name here must be regular! Of course, this is the opinion of Xiaobian, after all, everyone's views are inconsistent.

The following editors publish the advantages of the old domain name: 1. It is affirmative that it is included quickly. 2. It has an advantage over the external chain. 3. It's hard to say if the ranking is good, but the ranking must be faster than the new domain name. This is the advantage found by Xiaobian. If you think there are other advantages, welcome to comment and discuss. Here I will talk about how to use the old domain name for ranking: if you are an old domain name you just bought, and this domain name must be a regular industry before. The website needs to be debugged locally. During the period of debugging, 20-50 articles are updated locally. During this period, the keywords must be laid out. After adding the push code, there is no problem after debugging, you can start using yourself. The single link resource at hand is in cooperation with you to raise the site by content. I think it is not a problem to use the 1000 index words as the homepage for a month. If you do n’t believe it, you can try it.

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