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Tangshan SEO company teaches you to use data to understand website optimization

When you want to analyze the websites of your competitors, when you want to analyze the websites you are interested in, when the interviewer asks you questions to analyze the SEO effect of your website, etc., no matter what the purpose is, To understand the SEO effect of a website, we must learn to obtain data for targeted verification analysis. This article will use some dimensions of data acquisition and analysis to achieve the purpose of diagnosing the effect of a website operation, and share with you webmasters!
The analysis of the SEO effect of a website mainly starts from the following five aspects:
First, website weight
Weights have always been an important indicator for evaluating the effectiveness of a website operation. Most people use the tools of love stations and webmasters to query the weight value of a website. The weight values that are queried from third-party platforms may be noticed by friends of the webmaster. It is found that the division of the weight value is mainly based on the estimated traffic, and the estimated traffic is estimated through data indicators such as thesaurus coverage, keyword index, etc. Therefore, this weight value can indeed be obtained from some The aspect reflects the operation effect of the website, but it cannot be used as a standard to draw conclusions. For example, the brand words of a website are usually very content and can be the first place on the homepage. You only need to use a bit to brush up the index of the brand word, or even a series of brand combination words, so that the weight value is reached quickly. The purpose of improving, so the weight value can only be used as one of the indicators to judge the effectiveness of the website operation;
Second, Alexa
Alexa ranking is the world ranking of the website. This data is also a value estimated by third parties through technical means. Users may also query the ranking of their website according to the tools provided by the platform. They can even estimate the bounce rate and average of the website. User behavior data on dwell time and website browsing depth. This data also requires users to install the plug-in in their browsers before they can count the data. It is also a tool for circulating Alexa rankings in the market, so this data must be combined with other data. The comprehensive analysis of the indicators will have a more objective judgment result.
Third, thesaurus
The thesaurus can be obtained by querying the webmaster tool.
Of course, you can also get it through the 5118 platform and other methods, and choose to get it according to your habits and preferences. After clicking the thesaurus data to enter, you can analyze the specific data, determine the dimensions by keywords, and view the index, ranking, estimated traffic, and target pages. Obviously, the greater the keyword coverage, the wider the coverage, and the higher index keywords. The more coverage, the more obvious the SEO effect of the website. Derived thesaurus, you can refine keywords and target pages to analyze the traffic source composition of the website, and then clarify the core channel and content of the website. In short, you can clearly see the comprehensive SEO operation results of the website through thesaurus;
Fourth, the index rate
The index rate is calculated from the ratio of the number of index pages and the total number of pages on the website. The number of pages on the website can be obtained through the collector or similar tools, and the accurate index data can be customized through the webmaster's background. You can verify the ownership of the website, but what this article shares is that when it is impossible to have the ownership of the website, you can only obtain specific data through auxiliary queries such as ** or itseo. The index rate can reflect the operation effect of the website from one aspect, because the index database is also divided into high, medium and low. If you are a website that reproduces news sources, the index rate may not be able to get traffic, most of the index pages will be Decentralized to a low-quality index database, so the index rate is also one of the factors that analyzes the effectiveness of website operations. If you can combine the thesaurus to analyze, you can directly reflect the SEO effect of a website;
Fifth, anti-chain data
Anti-chain data can also be obtained through webmaster tools
The number of backlinks. After clicking in, you can view the high-quality external links under non-root domain names. Webmaster friends know that a stable website has a wide, large, and high-quality external link layout, which will have a positive impact on various data indicators of the website. Although the query technology is rapidly updating and iterating, it is undeniable Anti-chain is still a very important technical indicator, so to evaluate the SEO operation effect of a website, anti-chain must be indispensable!
The above five aspects are the five data that Xiaobian must query when analyzing an unfamiliar website SEO effect. Only the real data can make objective judgment results. Similarly, only the five data indicators of reasonable combination and cross analysis can have More accurate analysis results.
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